Be aware of the big milan, he is back.

Milan that died eight years ago in the Champions League comes back to life to qualify for the second round in a new generation with Maldini and Pioli, who achieved a great achievement by bringing back the red and black color to defeat the bigs in the final roles, a great joy in Milan and in the hearts of all the Milaniniesta is world class congrats MELANISTA

The old man gets sick and does not die… The time of Muntari and the crippled is over… You are now your neck under leao’s legs…

Big Milan returns to the final price after 2014… Almost 8 years have passed, but Europe cannot forget its beloved for many years… You are in front of the history of the Champions League….

They put them under pressure and the game in Sansero … They talked about the possibility of the Italian champions leaving Salzburg, and they do not know that the current Milan is different and is not affected by any pressure … So Giroud advanced from the first minutes, and Kronich decided the matter …

A medium in which Benasir and Tonali would recommend him to beat any team, there is great homogeneity and abnormal movement … What the desert boy is doing so far, except for pressing or moving the ball quickly forward is amazing, and he has also developed in playing long balls. .. I watched many operations carried out by Ismail from long balls that broke the entire Salzburg midfield… and this quality that every team needs… Congratulations to Algeria, Ismail…

leao, Teo and Jiro don’t need any description either, they played a good match… and only Tomori’s level in the last period is in a big decline… Here Bewley has to intervene before meeting the big guys…

love story

Pioli’s nights were always cold, very cold as a player and as a coach. Pioli did not get much appreciation when he was a defender in the Italian league and in his last years he was between the second and third division, with Juve he was a bench player, her nights were cold for this coach. When he started as a coach, he was not able to shed light on him until he took over Lazio and was sacked after a four-way loss against Roma. He left for Inter as a substitute coach and was sacked. And he left for Fiorentina and was eventually sacked.

Until he came to Milan. In Milan it was also cold, a team that has always been ridiculed in recent years, an example of any great team that retreats. The night was beautiful, the flags of Milan and the cheers of the ultras and their songs, the pictures of the symbols of Milan, the red and black color, and the fans going to the stadium, the smile of Zlatan and Pioli is the end of a story that lasted for more than ten years. Building Milan today was not easy. It needed time, planning, and patience. “Why can’t Milan win the league?” These were the words of Paolo Maldini at the start of the season, Paolo who was one of the people who had a strong influence in winning this league. After Milan won the last league, the team’s stars were abandoned and the team entered its dark spending, Pirlo was forced to leave, they abandoned Thiago Silva and Ibra to Paris, Seedorf, Gattuso, Zambrotta, Inzaghi, Odo and Nesta left at the end of the 2011/2012 season

It was the announcement of the end of the Milan generation. The deals after the departure of this generation were for middle teams, Matri, Zapata, Honda, Kaka’s return to the team that was almost finished, Bertolacci Antonelli, Gomez and many names. Failing to play European Championships for three consecutive seasons. But the decisive moment was in the 2017/2018 season, the voices in Milan began to rise and the team wanted to return, a lot of money was pumped into the club by bringing Bonucci, Andre Silva, Kony, Hakan, Biglia, Musacchio, Ricardo Kalinic, renewing Donnarumma’s contract and bringing Casey on loan. More than 186 million euros were spent in this market, but unfortunately most of the names were not useful, but the bright spot is that the team is trying. The season in which the team did not pay 193.77 million euros for players such as Paqueta, Caldara and Piontec, and bought the contract of Kalinic, Castillejo and Laxalt, and brought Higuain on loan with Bakayoko Elkan! Everything failed, unfortunately football was much more complicated than that, it is not enough to just pump money and bring in players to achieve a title, you

It needs management, it needs attention, and it needs confidence. Maldini was then director of development for the team, but then turned into a sporting director for the team, he came under frightening pressure, for example, Massimiliano Mirabelli, the former sporting director of the team, attacked him, saying: “It is not necessary for him to play great football, to become a great manager.” In his first season, he bought The contract of Casey, the contract with leao, he sat down with Theo Hernandez and talked to him about his confidence in him and that he sees him as a world-back. He brought Bennacer, Kronich and Salyamikers, and Zlatan, who came saying that he would bring back Milan a hero, brought Rabec and Caper. Giampaolo was sacked and Pioli was brought in as a substitute, Pioli was temporary and everyone in Milan wanted Rangnick, but in the end Pioli’s contract was renewed after a big fanfare. Last season, Tonali, Kalolo, Tomori and Ibrahim Diaz were brought in, and the series “who does not respect the Milan shirt will be abandoned” continued. This season, Giroud was brought in as a solution to the attack and Magnan to compensate, and despite the departure of Hakan and Donnarumma, Maldini and Pioli trusted the team.

Pioli, who said: “I love my players,” and this league was achieved. Zlatan three games ago said: “In Milan, no one remembers you unless you win the league or the champions.” Zlatan’s psychological role was very great, transferring his experience, ambition and history to young players who realized the value of this shirt. Sometimes life rewards you for your patience, it smiles at you in the end, Pioli had cold nights and today his night was warm, Milan returned to spring today, and the Italian League smiled at last, smiled at the return of the Big Milan, the return of her pregnancy Maldini, Pioli, Ibra, Tonali, Thigno and Liliano every player in this team A love story that made us smile a lot.

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