Who is brazil’s current best player ?

Vinicius Junior

Flamengo fans celebrated in 2010 the return of their player Renato Abreu, the Brazilian player who was excellent as an attacking midfielder, but he preferred the option of money in an important stage in his career and chose to leave for the Emirati victory, and after three years in the Gulf he decided to return to Brazil, to the place where he found himself, which is Flamengo. In the same year, Vinicius registered himself for the first time as a player in the age groups of Flamengo. Vini was a fan of Flamengo and grew up loving Abreu, his favorite player, and the surprise was when he asked his family to register him as a full-back because Eberbo sometimes played as a full-back.

and one sentence agreed upon by the supervisors, which is “He is superior to other talents.” Every day in Brazil, a new talent is born and it is very difficult to prove yourself as a distinguished talent in Brazil because of the large number of talents there, and he won the first team there. America under 17 with his national team Brazil but there was something important about him, Vini loved to learn. His coach in Brazil at the time was Carlos Amadeo. Amadeo was able to lead Brazil to the Copa title. Unfortunately, this generation could only succeed in Marcos Antonio of Shakhtar and Nestor of Sao Paulo and Yuri Alberto of Zenit, and we do not forget the second most valuable player, Paulinho, who is the jewel of Beverkusen, but all of these players It is very difficult for them to represent the first team, almost impossible, the only one who could have been Vinnie. Coach Amadeo mentioned that he was impressed by Vinicius personality because he loves to learn and listen and says: “I was very impressed with his speed, how to confront defenders, his confidence in himself and the exploitation of spaces, but there was a problem that the player was poor defensively.” Indeed, he was making an effort to address his negativity. But Real Madrid came with a bag containing 45 million euros to sign a contract with Vinicius. The announcement of the signing with Fenni was a shock to everyone, most of them did not know who Vini was, where he came from, and how to pay such an amount in a teenager. “

But getting him was not easy, why? There was a cold and undisclosed war between Real and Barca over Vinnie, when talent scout Johnny Calafat played an important role around Vinnie. Johnny Vinicius watched his tours in Brazil and liked him a lot. He contacted the Real Madrid administration, where Perez gave him the green light, as Calafat is one of the most trusted personalities by Perez. The Brazilian became a key player in Real Madrid and eventually Johnny succeeded in bringing him to Real. In that period, when the market started to go crazy, the Real Madrid administration decided to research

About jewels in the world of football and sent several scouts to all over the world, and the plan was to put these young men in Real Madrid Castilla and train them under the leadership of an expert in the world of football, Solari. At that moment, players like Rodrigo, who also came with advice from Johnny, came Kubo, Valverde came from Uruguay, Odegaard of Norway, and began the process of making stars. Solari said: “Viy arrived as part of a long plan put in place by the club to try to sign the best talent before they explode and double their prices.”

After Lopetegui came, he did not give Vinicius a chance, but after his dismissal, Solari came thinking about his youth and demanded that Junior be promoted to the first team. Indeed, Vini’s performance was impressive. After the dismissal of Solari and the return of Zidane, Zidane brought in a player he demanded a lot, a player that Zidane considers an icon for him and he is Hazard, the player who plays on Vini’s side. To him, Zidane’s “tough love” approach to Vini was not the best option. The problems did not stop here. The cameras of Benzema‘s conversation with Mendy appeared in French between the halves of the Monchengladbach match, and he said to him: “Brother, do not pass to him, he is playing against us.” He knows that one of the most important players in Real Madrid’s history speaks in this way, but in the end Benzema apologized for the matter. Calafat at that moment, according to sources, was very close to Vinicius and was sponsored by Tama and Perez gave the player support and that the president trusted him and was waiting for his talent to explode. Vinnie made it against him.

When Zidane left at the end of last season, Carlo came in his place. There was talk about Vini’s talent when he came and that he was a player with great talent, but he needed help. Carlo did several individual training sessions with the player, giving him his famous advice: “It is rare to score when you make five or six touches inside the penalty area, to score you need one or two touches inside the area.”

Usually he had confidence in himself and felt his importance and said: “I have the confidence of the technical staff and the coach. This confidence makes me feel that if one day I fall, I will come back to get up because the staff trusts me.” Hazard is injured.

In his first five league games this season, Vini scored five goals, while in the previous season, which he participated in 35 league games, he scored only three goals. His creation of the two goals in the match against Atletico, the hat-trick against Levante, his brilliance against Barcelona in the super, the star of the home and away match against Shakhtar, his creation of goals against Paris and Chelsea twice, his scoring a beautiful goal against City and scoring the winning goal in the Champions League final. Vini transformed from a player who contributed 13 goals last season to a player who contributed 42 goals this season! Solari says: “I was expecting his success because I am aware of his talent, I am very happy for him and for Real Madrid.” For a whole year, I mean here he went back to 05/28/2021, did you imagine that Vinicius would score the 14th champion’s league winning goal?

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