The best french footballer ever ?

17 years ago today, Karim Benzema debuted the first game of his entire career.

Since then, this is what he won:

πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† Champions League

πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† Ligue 1

πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† Club World Cup

πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† UEFA Super Cup

πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† Copa Del Ray

πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† La Liga

πŸ†πŸ† King’s Cup

πŸ† Nations League

πŸ† French Cup

What a kickstart of otherwise a promising career

Karim Benzema WINS the Ballon D’Or after firing Real Madrid to Champions League and La Liga Glory.

Ballon d’or ceremony

The Real Madrid and France Striker, was crowned at a glittering ceremony in Paris Theatre Du Chatelet as he clinched football’s most prestigious award. Bayern Munich’s Sadio Mane came in second while Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne finished third.

Benzema said, “To see this prize infront of me makes me really proud. It was a childhood dream fid me and all the work I have done, I never gave up. I gave always had it in my mind tat anything is possible.”

The Santiago BernabΓ©u fans stood at the team’s last match in the Real Madrid stronghold, applauding Karim Benzema.

Life is very good, for a day there was a huge division around Benzema and today they sing to him β€œKing Karim”, this is football. We can say that Karim Benzema’s season and his self-confidence is summed up in a penalty kick against City, before that he missed two penalties against Osasuna, but he advanced and took a kick The penalty against Ederson, the Banenka style, is a kick similar to what Zidane did against Buffon in the 2006 World Cup Final.Zidane and Benzema are two very similar personalities, they have the same calm, confidence and personality, and both are similar to their families and the beginning of their upbringing.In 2014, the journalist Rahul Calvable wrote an article that the Madrid fans are suffering With Benzema, they can’t stand the way he missed opportunities, they are upset that whoever wears Di Stefano’s shirt, the phenomenon and even Morientes is Benzema and wrote that the public is angry after renewing his contract until 2019.

Karim Benzema

Even journalist Greg Stubart wrote that Benzema is an unworthy player for Real and that they need Falcao.

In the years of Cristiano, Karim’s tactical role was important, his first advantage was that he was a cold person and not interested in talking about him, we used to see him go back to the depth and organize the team’s attack line and pass to the parties, he was unselfish, but his problem was that he was lost, at that time the Madrid fans had the right to criticize him, They appreciate his movements, but they cannot bear to see him lose dangerous solitaries. For example, they were watching Harry Kane, who makes a game from the depth and records the opposite of Benzema, who makes play and gets lost. The public cannot be attacked about their opinion on this subject or even the press, but it can be said that this season made us appreciate Benzema’s career More Benzema spent his career playing for Bale and Ronaldo, the criticism around him tired him and put pressure on him, the same Bernabeu crowd who applauded if he whistled at him, which made Cristiano ask them to clap for Benzema and stop booing him, the image of Benzema smiling and happy for Cristiano with the balloon role made us We feel that Benzema was ticking here and we close our eyes. Benzema explained in January an important thing: β€œWe no longer care about what the player offers on the pitch, he just has to score and the next day it becomes better. It happened to me. I didn’t play a game well but I scored and considered me the best.” How to make Karim Benzema. They make me play with that number, I can’t play with number 44, I want to play with number nine.”

This is Karim when he was young, this is Karim’s character. Journalist Roshan talked about that Benzema grew up in Terylon, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Lyon. Rigolet, who is the first Benzema coach, said that the player had become a source of inspiration for everyone in Terylon.

According to Robert Valley, one of his coaches. But Valle said that when Benzema arrived at the age of sixteen, he changed a lot from a physical point of view. The explosion of Benzema Billion was clear to the big clubs. Ferdinand says that when he faced United against Lyon, Ferguson was shocked by Benzema’s talent and chased him after the end of the match and spoke to him to convince him to come to United, Ferdinand as Ferdinand. Believing that Benzema is the man of the stage, Ferguson went to France to sit with the player’s family, but Karim was waiting for Madrid. Journalist Roshan says that Karim was crazy to become a player for the ball and get the number of his legendary Ronaldo, the phenomenon. But his problems were clear, there were some problems, such as the case of the minor in which the accused was with Ribery and was acquitted, the case of Karim Zenati when he was visiting him in prison, and the Valbuena scandal related to my adultery as well. West France newspaper said: “Benzema was born in a difficult area and did not change his friends, he became Najfa, a famous media personality and a wealthy person.”

But he still has some bad friends.” Mounir, a friend of Benzema, said that having Ronaldo next to Benzema was useful β€œThe only player who was like Karim’s big brother is Ronaldo, Karim told me that Ronaldo is the first person to come to the gym and the last person to leave, and Karim started walking on Ronaldo’s footsteps, last year Karim came to me and we talked about sports and family and he said that he lives in the gym now, eats healthy and exercises ‘Since Ronaldo’s departure, Benzema has contributed 177 goals between making and recording and making himself the king of Madrid, football returned the favor to Benzema. Benzema described the current season as: β€œPure Football “. The best french footballer ever ?

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